"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Perspective ~ But God!!

This morning I spent time with a client lady who is 102 years old. She was extremely frail, her spine was bent over and her hands stiff and twistedI watched her slow, seemingly painful walk, legs all stiff and wobbly. I watched how she moved with such care and how she ordered her little place to make it easier for her to do her daily activities. 

My thoughts meandered to Sarah, Abraham's Sarah and how she gave birth to Isaac when she was 90. I'm thinking ~ when you get up there, what's 10 years or so in comparison to my client??

So as I took note of the condition of my clients body, There seemed to be no earthly way this woman could bear a child at such an age.
Consider from the point of conception, there is no way she could grow a child within her and certainly she could not withstand the rigors of laboring to birth that child. Consider also how a woman of such an advanced age would nurture and watch over an infant child, a rambunctious toddler or perhaps a spunky teenager. Looking at her hands or her back, I think 'would they even be strong enough to pick up a squirming, growing child'? 

I confess it makes me tired just thinking of it LOL

Then I thought, this is a 'but God' moment! It's how our wonderfully creative God could take a body that was old, frail and way past childbearing years and birth a nation. 

That old body; new life. 

A used up, frail body the world would have disregarded as nothing useful anymore; new life.

Sarah thought her life was over, she even laughed at the thought of having a baby at her advanced age. I guess she figured, as we would, if she had not conceived oh . . . in her first 70 years or so, it was never going to happen . . . . ah . . . . but God!

I thought of how God was and still is able to do something wonderful and creative no matter how banged up or frail we are. He can make something new come of it. Certainly I must consider how He created the universe, our vastly diverse and beautiful world out of nothing. I think then, all He needs is for us to offer Him our lives, as a sacrifice of praise then stand back, see what He will do and buckle up for an amazing adventure!

When I'm feeling useless or think the best years of my life are past, I need to think about Sarah and wait for my own . . . . 'but God' moment.

God bless you on your own journey of discovery of those precious . . . . 'but God' moments.

Girl on a Journey into abundant and new life!