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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A day in the life of a PSW

I accompanied an elderly woman to have routine blood taken. She had mild Alzheimer’s but we were able to have a conversation without her forgetting what we were talking about.

When we were sitting in the chair, she kept asking the technician, “what are you going to do to me?” and the tech would tell her, “just getting a bit of blood” and the woman would reply, “Ok”.

I held her other hand because I knew it was going to hurt and I tried to distract her but when the needle went in, she looked at me and her eyes filled up with tears and she said, “Oh, that hurts!” then turned to the tech and said, “You hurt me!”

I repeated one of the little ditties she told me beforehand and she said it along with me, but then she turned to the tech and said this,

“Somebody loves you and wants you to know, longs to be with you wherever you go. Somebody loves you and say, can’t you see, that somebody is me”.

You could have heard a pin drop.

The tech looked at me, her face flushing, eyes filling with tears. We were both a bit gob-smacked that this frail elderly woman could recite this little ditty to the one who had just hurt her.

Before I could say what I was thinking, the tech looked at the old woman and thanked her, then looked at me and said, “how to make me feel like shit for hurting her”.

That was one of my thoughts, the other thought I had was, “we all could learn a lot from this gentle old woman”.

It reminded me a little of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5.

Oh, before I forget, the other little ditty was, "You never know, from where you sit, where the man in the balcony, is going to spit" LOL

God bless you on your own Journey!!

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