"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Only In Him

She lives a life of quiet desperation
Always searching but never finding
The significance her heart seeks after
Years spent looking, long wasted years
New experiences, always new experiences
But still wandering, still wondering
When will it be her time, her turn to realize
The satisfaction, the fulfillment, the peace of knowing
This is what she was created for
This is what her heart has longed for and
This will quiet the desperate search for significance
To reach the potential she knows she carries in her heart and mind
But now, she sees only a pattern oft repeated
Of the relentless pushing, prodding of the Seeker of her heart
Never leaving, O never
But never giving in to her cries,
For He knows
Giving her what she wants, will not
Quiet the desperation, will not
Cause her to reach her potential, will not
Give her the significance she longs for, nor will it
Give her the beauty of all she was created for, but
Only in stripping away the dross, the hopeless
Wandering, the fruitless seeking and
The futility of finding her significance in
What she does or what she can do 
Will she find
She is significant simply
She exists
Only in bringing her to the end
Of the journey of her own desires
Will she find what she is truly made for
That, of being loved, wholly loved and cherished
Wholly loved and provided for
By the King of Kings, the Lord of creation,
The only true 
Lover of her soul
The only One who is the Answer to all her desires
Only then will she find the meaning of her life
Her satisfaction, Her fulfillment
Her peace and
Her irrefutable significance
Is, always has been and always will be
Found . . . in Him

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