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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Who has Title to the Deed?

I’ve been thinking about how God is now the Owner of my ‘house/property’, in other words, of me, of my life.

I was thinking how I have often tried to make a bargain with Him, in essence saying, Well . . . ‘I’ll give you my life if you help me get  . . . .
  • The car of my choice, a boat, a cottage etc.
  • A good steady job
  • Financial security
  • A good husband to look after me
  • My own home
  • Lots of friends

But in truth, I am to give the deed of my life to God without expecting to receive anything back from Him. To say or think any variation of the above is to tell God, ‘thanks for your death but it's not enough!' 

Are you horrified by this as I am? But isn't it what we do without even thinking about it? We rationalize any number of ways to get what we want and think we should have, right?? Why else do we have those melt-downs when things don't go our way?? Were we not expecting something from Him we thought we should have?? If I'm completely honest, I have.

He gave up everything for me, should I not give everything to Him??

When Jesus stands at the door of our hearts (Rev 3:20), or our ‘house’ and knocks, ultimately, though he wants to come in and be in relationship with us, by the Light of His Truth, He shows us just how poorly we have managed our ‘house’ thus far. He wants us to hand it ALL over to Him; lock, stock and barrel and let Him direct the management from there on.

When we hand over the deed and relinquish control, and manage it under His direction and control, we find ourselves at rest, at peace, not needing to strive any more over all the intricate details of ownership. Any time we are not at rest or in peace, if we do a quick check, we often find we have taken back control and perhaps are doubting He even has a plan to handle it at all. We start messing about in our Father’s property and eventually find it all a mess again! Upon realization, we must simply  give the ownership back to Him as the ‘house’ is no longer ours to worry about!!

Each day he gives us new mercies and a fresh start, but each day we must ask him for direction, asking so-to-speak, for the ‘chores’ He wants us to work on. We don’t have to think of what today may encompass, He has a plan!

Things He may ask of us are:
  • Love our neighbour as ourselves – Gal 5:14
  • Forgive our enemies – Matt 6:14
  • Pray for those who persecute us – Matt 5:44
  • Turn the other cheek  - Matt 5:39
  • As much as is up to us, be at peace with all – Rom 12:18
  • Put off striving – Ps 46:10
  • Put on love, joy, peace, faithfulness, gentleness – Gal 5:22
  • Feed the poor, look after widows and care for orphans – James 1:27, Isa 58:7, 10

 So, that’s my plan. As much as possible, to leave the details of each day to the One who has the Master Plan, the One who paid with His life for the ‘deed’ and Who now has the rights to look after His property according to His plan, not mine!

When I can remember this, the ‘house’ will be looked after so much better and I can quit striving about this, that and every other thing!

Here's hoping you can join this Girl on a Journey of relinquishing control and walking with God in Faith.
God bless 

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