"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Morning: Rambling Thoughts

I've been struck by this statement since I first heard it a few weeks ago: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience here on earth. We are spiritual beings spending a bit of time on earth". 

This brings 2 Cr 4:17 into much better understanding for me; "for momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison" and 1 Peter 1:6, "in this you greatly rejoice, even though for now a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials"

Once again I am encouraged by the fact that this IS temporary and the trials are for my spiritual growth and maturity and are not for nothing IF I embrace the process. God has the master plan for my life. I am not here to settle in and get comfortable or to fit in. How many times have I looked back at my life and declared with some despondency that "I have never fit in" be it with friends, co-workers or even in my own family. I take heart knowing eventually, when my time here is finished, I get to go to my spiritual home, there to reside in God's presence forever, no more heartache, physical boundaries and in the presence of perfect love.

I am a unique individual created for God's purposes and while that sometimes galls, when I get my thinking straightened around, I find much peace that Someone actually does have a master plan, one that is for my good, a plan for my future, otherwise what would hope would I have?

However, having said that, I can see that my journey has consisted of lapses of obedience where I struggled with God my Creator or even times of running from Him.

It has, and will continue to be frought with times of inconsistencies when I blatantly sin, when I ignore God and when I go my own way.

I will not have a perfect faith. I will have times of arguing with God, challenging Him, having testy debates with him, complaining about Him and to Him. Times when I let others down, when I behave less than I should.

But God, the Author and Finisher of my faith has me on this journey going from glory to glory and though the 'to' phase seems long and onerous, I know I am growing and maturing so those times become less and less and my faith, shown in how I live my life, is becoming stronger and more sure, and best of all I am becoming more like Jesus in the process.

My righteousness does not mean moral perfection but in being "in the right" before God because of my faith in Jesus Christ and His righteousness.

I need only to finish the race set before me, NOT having a perfect run, one without injuries or failures, only to finish the race.

A little poem on Process for you

LMNO. . . . Q??

It’s true you know, I did it,
My friends all laughed at me.
I loved them all, I used them too,
But oh, did I hate that “P”!

The Alphabet is such a gift,
They’re life to the words I write,
But that one small letter,
Near the end of the list,
Came at me with a bite!

I took it out, I kid you not,
Oh, not from words you see.
Just the Alphabet, it was quite a sight,
It was LMNO . . . Q?!?!!

OK, OK, it’s foolishness,
And maybe childish too.
But before you judge me for this act
Wait till Process comes to you!

So, now you know the “P” word,
That put me in such a state.
And every time I heard it,
Each jangled nerve would quake.

Process, still more process
Is part of every life.
It matters not if you’re a child,
A husband or a wife.

I’m good now, thanks for asking.
My life is quite changed too.
It’s altered my perceptions,
My opinions and my views.

I see it’s now a gift from God,
That makes us like His Son.
And if we choose His way, not ours,
We’ll hear Him say “Well done.”

The Alphabet looks good now too,
I’ve restored that little “P”
But guess what I discovered?
Transition begins with a “T”!!
 By Brenda © 2003

God bless you on your own Journey while you spend a brief bit of time here, running the race with me till we get to go 'home'.

Journey Girl

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