"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weights and Burdens

We are told not to add to, or take away from the Scriptures, and that is a good and wise thing to remember as we talk to others about God’s truth. It serves also as an allegory to the lives we live. Let me try to explain my thoughts.

We, as people, were created whole, with everything we require to fulfill God’s purpose for us. All that is needed is time to grow and mature in the gifts and talents we were born with. 
However, as life went on, circumstances and people added to and took away from us, and it is God’s heart desire to restore things stolen, and remove things added.

I think the sins of others against us, and our own sins, are the vehicles the enemy used to put those burdens, those false and limiting beliefs on us. Things like distrust, feeling the need to control our lives, manipulation and such, have weighed us down and distorted our lives until we no longer resemble the person God intended us to be. 

But, not only did those sins add to our lives, they also robbed us of peace, security, and trust in God and others. 

Those name only a few of the things that belong to us as children of God.

Even though the weights that were added to our lives mostly represent bad and hurtful burdens, they have been our companions for many years, some from our childhood. 

Thus, it is very difficult to think of parting with them because they have become such an accepted part of our lives and we find a certain comfort in them and fear letting them go. 

We fear the void it will leave in our lives and worry what will replace it, but it’s only in letting them go, in giving them to God, that we see how hurtful they were for us, how crippled we had become because of them and how limited we now are living life.

There is good news though. When we allow God to take away those hurtful things, we find He will restore and give back all that was stolen away. 

It is then we realize we are free, He has saved us once again, and has filled the void with His perfect love. 

It is then we see Him more clearly and are more in love with Him than ever.

We take risks all the time hoping to make life work, and work better. But if ever we are going to take a risk in hope of gaining something good and worthwhile, this would be the risk to take because it is no risk at all! 

God is a sure thing, His word is true and He does what He says He will do. It might not be in the way we think it should be, but it is always better for us!

So jump, or crawl, over that big boulder in front of you, walk over that rushing river, pull your feet out of the miry clay that seeks to hold you back. Try living life God's way and you will find that peace that passes all understanding!

Blessings on your Journey into an everlasting, ever faithful God.

Girl on a Journey of peace . . . . blessings

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ahhh, the Peace of Living in The Other . . . .

Here we grow again!! When I first started blogging and chose the name Journey Girl Talking, I do not think I fully realized how much of a 'journey' I would be on! 

As far as the 'talking' part, well you know . . . .

Growing in my relationship with God has highlighted one very important realization, various scriptures have come to mean exactly what I read. {if they have not, it's because I've not read them yet, or have not fully explored their proper meaning!}

When it says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" Heb. 13:5; I've found that to be true. No matter what I've gone through or am going through, He is right here. Jesus is referred to as "a Friend who sticks closer than a brother" Prov. 18:24; true, same as above.

However, I've also discovered the truth in the ones that are not so encouraging. Let me share some of my thoughts.

Matthew 20:16: "So the last shall be first, the first last"  
Matthew 16:25: "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it".

Well, who wants to be last? And, who wants to lose their life? Are we not all struggling to 'find ourselves', to grab hold of things 'we' want and to h**l with the rest? (even if we don't actually say this, it's what we tend to do - live for ourselves)

Is this not what 'keeping up with the Jones' is about? Our whole lives seem to revolve around, 'what I want', 'what I think', 'what is important to ME' and 'how do I get ahead' and rarely do we think of others unless it will somehow benefit us. So those verses can easily be shunted aside because after all 'if I don't take care of me, who will?'

We hear about 'instant gratification' and if you are baby boomer (those born between 1946 and 1964) we were born thinking we gotta have it and we gotta have it now. This has been the quest of most of us. The house, the cars, the latest and greatest of this and that and 'the one with the most toys wins'!!. We gotta be happy so whoever makes us happy is 'in' those who do not . . . . 'out'.
Our lives have become a selfish looking out for #1 and that concept is anathema to God, therefore it needs to be routed out of our lives. Our very  obsession with gratifying our every thought or want needs to become anathema to us also. The Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:11 he has learned to be content in whatever situation he is in. How many of us can say that, truthfully?

If you have been following my blogs you know of course, this has to do with loving others, this has been the theme of God's choice for my life since January 2011 and He's not going to change themes till I have a full understanding and it is the life I live. OK.

When we love others God's way, we are last. Our thoughts are of the other, "what do they need from us to get through 'this'?" How do they need to be loved, as in which 'love' do they need right now? Regardless of our feelings or thoughts of what they've said or done, what do they need? 
Reading 1 Cor 13 there are many ways in which we are to love others, thus we seek the wisdom of God to know how best to love them in every situation or circumstance. 

To follow then, 'we' are last. It's not about us, it's always about others, what they need, where they're at in their relationship with God and with us. 

When God came to earth, it was not about God, it was about us and we are to follow His example. I know, it was all about the amazing love of God for us, about His character, mercy & compassion. In that sense it was all about Him, but He came for US! We need and He provides the answers. When someone is in need, sometimes God provides for them through us, therefore it's not about us! When we live in community, true God community, we are just the 'via' God uses to meet the need of the other.

Life is so much more peaceful when we love His way, when it's not about us. 
We won't find ourselves getting all 'het' up emotionally when stuff happens because guess what??? It's usually . . . NOT ABOUT US :)

Ok, now for Matthew 16:25. This says ". . . whoever loses their life for My sake will find it". I never really understood this before, but I've found out how awesome it is to lose one's life for another, to be other-focused. 
I've found my life is so much more peaceful because I'm not always focused on me, what I want, what I need. I discovered a greater joy in putting others needs first and  when I put others first, God meets my need, my emotional life is more healthy, my spirit is more alive and did I tell you I live in a greater degree of peace?? As in so much more peace?

To take God at His word when He says in Matthew 6:27 "And who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life", just adds to that peace. I stop worrying! Ok, every now and again worry creeps back in, but as soon as I realize I've taken up that burden that is His to care for, I'm done!!

So wherever you are in your life right now, no matter what the circumstances are or perhaps in spite of the present circumstances, how can you find your life by losing it? How can you be last to find out you are first?

Truly, in seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, ALL these things (reading Matthew 6:33) will be added unto you and you will find your life.

Blessings to you all as you walk your present path, hand in hand with God 'cuz He never will ever leave you!

Girl on her own amazing Journey