"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Friday, May 11, 2012

Who I Am

I woke this morning to the soft pink glow that heralds the sun's rise on a cloudless day. I began thinking of a sunrise and how it differs from a sunset. It's the same sun coming up each morning that goes down at dusk, however, a sunrise comes up in gentleness, casting quiet hues of pink that contrast the blue of a morning sky.

Sunsets though, end the day in fiery displays of reds, purples and oranges. They leave no gentle streaks of colour, but slash through the sky causing people everywhere to take note and acknowledge this day has ended with brilliance and fire!

Every one of us begins life as a sunrise, born in the gentler shades. Our personalities show great promise and potential, but time alone will tell how we end our days. 

Will we fail to show our true colours, obscured by the clouds of life, or leave earth having burst through life's clouds in brilliance and full technicolour, so all who've known us can say, "They left a mark on all they touched."

For me, the worse scenario would be to die, having lived a life of gray ambiguity, hidden by the things that clouded my life. And, each of us must determine what the clouds in our lives are that threaten to hide the brilliance that lies within.

It's my prayer that each one who reads this finds the courage to blow each cloud away and shine as we were created to shine.  

Blessings to each of you on your Journey of brilliance.
Journey Girl

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