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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sea Biscuit and God's Kids

I just watched the movie Sea Biscuit. It's an amazing allegory of the Father's love for us.

It's a story of redemption.

In the beginning we hear Mr. Smith saying, "You don't throw away a whole life just because it's banged up a little". That's what the world does with lives that don't live up to the standard they have set as what's worth living for; they treat them as 'throw-aways', nothing worth keeping around.

He said Sea Biscuit was so beaten up, so emotionally abused, he didn't even know how to be a horse anymore. What he once was, what he was bred to do, he no longer even knew how to do.

That's a lot like us. We're often so beaten up by all life throws at us, believing lies we've heard about ourselves and taken on as truth we live up to . . . . just like Sea Biscuit. By the time he was 3 years old, he did just what he was trained to do and that was . . . . lose.

How many of us have been trained to lose because we've listened to lies all our life about how we're not worth much, how we'll never amount to much, how each failure just proves we're pretty useless and a failure in this world.

But . . . . God sent Someone into our lives who believes in us. He sent Someone who sees our potential and doesn't give up on us because we're a little banged up. He sees our worth and was willing to expend all He had to redeem us and help us to live up to what we were 'bred' to do. Just like Charles did with both Red Pollard the jockey, and Sea Biscuit. He paid no attention to the external banged up horse and jockey, he saw beyond that to the potential within each of them. He believed in them and they lived up to their potential.

One line I love is, "See, sometimes when the little guy doesn't know he is a little guy, he can do great big things." When we no longer believe the lies, no matter how little we are, no matter if we have no money, no prestige/fame, no importance in the eyes of the world, when we begin to believe in who we are in Christ and begin to act as we were created to, we can accomplish big things in God's world.

Charles says of Sea Biscuit,
"Well I think we just gave him a chance. Sometimes all somebody needs is a good chance." When all is said and done, no matter what our lives have been, God is there waiting, to give us another chance. He knows our potential, He knows what's in us and He knows when we believe in Him, we can.

Here is another quote that speaks to me, by Nelson Mandela:
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us ..."

Well, I've lived enough years believing the lies of my inadequacy. It's time to believe the truth God speaks of me and live up to the potential I was born to. I have no idea what that looks like but it's going to be an amazing adventure!

Blessings on your own journey of living up to the truth of who you were created to be.

Girl on a Journey!

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