"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How do I Love Thee . . .

Let me count the ways . . . . NOT!

As you know, I've been pondering how poorly I love others and this seems to be the subject of my life for the past few months . . . intensely, but also for the past several years.

When you hurt me, do I endure and bear it patiently? Not usually, what I naturally seem to do is get angry, like I have a right to never be hurt by you.

Am I patient when a car cuts me off? No

Am I patient when my work day doesn't go smoothly? Getting there, but . . . No

Am I genuinely happy for you when you have things/get things I long for? No, that's when envy and jealousy can easily creep in.

When someone hurts me, disappoints me, makes me angry what is my first reaction? That's what shows me the attitude of my heart, that's what shows me how well or how poorly I love.

This morning I sent an email to a friend and as per my usual I went to sigh 'Love' but then I stopped and thought, 'do I really love her'? What tells me I do, that I have warm and fuzzy feelings? That she hasn't pissed me off, disappointed me or hurt me? Well according to Scripture, that isn't love. It's easy to be patient and kind until they hurt or disappoint you. It's easy to rejoice in others righteousness, until they get something you want and can't have, then it's envy and jealousy, but it's not love.

End of story. I still have a long way to go *sigh*

Journey Girl on a steep learning curve!!

Love is patient

1) to be of a long spirit, not to lose heart

a) to persevere patiently and bravely in enduring misfortunes and troubles

b) to be patient in bearing the offenses and injuries of others

1) to be mild and slow in avenging

2) to be longsuffering, slow to anger, slow to punish

Love is kind

1) to show one's self mild, to be kind, use kindness

Love is not jealous

1) to burn with zeal

a) to be heated or to boil with envy, hatred, anger

1) in a good sense, to be zealous in the pursuit of good

b) to desire earnestly, pursue

1) to desire one earnestly, to strive after, busy one's self about him

2) to exert one's self for one (that he may not be torn from me)

3) to be the object of the zeal of others, to be zealously sought after

c) to envy

Love does not brag

1) to boast one's self

2) a self display, employing rhetorical embellishments in extolling one's self excessively

Love is not arrogant

1) to make natural, to cause a thing to pass into nature

2) to inflate, blow up, to cause to swell up

a) to puff up, make proud

b) to be puffed up, to bear one's self loftily, be proud

Love does not act unbecomingly

· improperly

· inappropriately

· incorrectly

· unsuitably

Love does not seek it's own

· want my own way (so to speak)

Love is not provoked

1) to make sharp, sharpen

a) to stimulate, spur on, urge

b) to irritate, provoke, arouse to anger

1) to scorn, despise

2) provoke, make angry

3) to exasperate, to burn with anger

Love does not take into account a wrong suffered

1) to reckon, count, compute, calculate, count over

a) to take into account, to make an account of

1) metaph. to pass to one's account, to impute

2) a thing is reckoned as or to be something, i.e. as availing for or equivalent to something, as having the like force and weight

b) to number among, reckon with

c) to reckon or account

2) to reckon inward, count up or weigh the reasons, to deliberate

3) by reckoning up all the reasons, to gather or infer

a) to consider, take into account, weigh, meditate on

b) to suppose, deem, judge

c) to determine, purpose, decide

Love does not rejoice

1) to rejoice, be glad

2) to rejoice exceedingly

. . . . in unrighteousness

1) injustice, of a judge

2) unrighteousness of heart and life

3) a deed violating law and justice, act of unrighteousness

Love bears all things

(See previous post)

Love believes all things

1) to think to be true, to be persuaded of, to credit, place confidence in

a) of the thing believed

1) to credit, have confidence

b) in a moral or religious reference

1) used in the NT of the conviction and trust to which a man is impelled by a certain inner and higher prerogative and law of soul

2) to trust in Jesus or God as able to aid either in obtaining or in doing something: saving faith

3) mere acknowledgment of some fact or event: intellectual faith

2) to entrust a thing to one, i.e. his fidelity

a) to be intrusted with a thing

Love hopes all things

1) to hope

a) in a religious sense, to wait for salvation with joy and full confidence

2) hopefully to trust in

Love endures

1) to remain

a) to tarry behind

2) to remain i.e. abide, not recede or flee

a) to preserve: under misfortunes and trials to hold fast to one's faith in Christ

b) to endure, bear bravely and calmly: ill treatments

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Waking Early

Living in an apartment on the 9th floor has both it's advantages and disadvantages for a bona-fide country girl, but this morning I woke early and could pretend for a while I was living in the country with not a city sound to be heard.

I woke before the traffic began, before the sun came up, before most people get up and opened my window. Joy of joys I heard birds singing. It has been so long since I heard their early-morning song the sound burst in my mind and heart.

People will ask if I'm a morning or night person and for years I've said 'morning person'. There is so much I love about waking up before everyone else, and this morning was no exception.

I have been so full of what's wrong in this world and in my life that I've laid aside the good things . . . . like waking up to the sound of the birds and no other noise.

All I can say is Thanks Abba

Blessings to you as you open your eyes and ears to the wonders that surround us if we can find them.

Girl on a Journey