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Friday, March 25, 2011

Well . . . . Color Me Surprised!!!

I found out from my brilliant Geeky daughter how to check my 'stats' on who has checked out this Blog.

Surprise, surprise and I really mean SURPRISE, I've had hits from the following countries with the number of hits from each country:

- 658
United States
- 236
Russia -
- 16
Burundi -
China -
Denmark -
Germany -
Ireland -
United Arab Emirates -

So now the question begs . . . . how are they finding my simple little blog tucked way over here in Ontario??

The next question which begs to be asked is . . . . I wonder what they think of them? Since hardly anyone ever leaves a Comment, it's a bit hard to gauge the level of agreement or disagreement. I guess it doesn't really go beyond a bit of curiosity because truth be told, I mostly write this because it's what my life is about, what I'm thinking and/or what I'm dealing with in my Journey with God.

There are so many unexplained and unknowns in life, this is just one more, but if you are reading my blog and something resonates with you, please do write a comment. Some days I just plain would appreciate the encouragement.

One downer I must mention, my equally brilliant and geeky son-in-law says some of them will be hits from hackers!!! Oh well . . . .

Blessings . . . .
Journey Girl

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  1. Blogs need a like button just like facebook has lol