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Friday, March 11, 2011

How Poorly "I" Love

I just finished watching the devastation of the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan ~ I have to say I'm a bit undone. I'm also sad that I say a 'bit' when I should be completely undone by what has happened to so many people.

I wrote a silly post on Facebook a few hours ago and it came to mind as I lay in bed thinking about what I saw on the news. I had to get up and write my thoughts or they would just go around and around in my head! I wrote "So . . . . does this falling snow mean I have to wear boots again? haven't worn boots for 2 weeks - lol".

How utterly frivolous! Yes, Facebook is a place to socially interact with others, have a bit of fun, keep in touch with friends and family, but in the light of what's happening half-way around the world, it saddens me in some small way. I know I cannot be serious all the time and in my defense I had not seen those videos nor was aware of how bad it was at the time I wrote that, but right now I'm feeling pretty petty and small.

So many people without water to drink, beds to sleep in, missing clothes, homes, vehicles and friends and family who cannot be found. Trauma galore and I don't know what to do about it except pray. But, what do I pray for? The only thing I can think of is Grace, Mercy and Comfort. I can ask God to provide basic necessities but I know it will be days before some people are found and who will bring them a drink of water or a bit of food? I think of the diseases which usually follow such calamities as bodies of dead animals and people float around contaminating any water that's available for drinking. Food supplies have been washed away, looters will swarm still standing and vulnerable businesses. The list just goes on and on about things those who have survived will have to handle while trying to make sense of everything emotionally. It truly boggles my mind to try and understand especially since I've never experienced such a magnitude of destruction and devastation. I am freshly aware of how poorly I love in the face of all this . . . .

God have mercy. Who are the fortunate ones I wonder, those who've survived or those who find themselves in the arms of a loving heavenly Father?

God's grace and mercy and peace be yours as you try to figure things out which cannot be understood.

Girl on a Journey

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