"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Thursday, February 17, 2011

That LOVE thing again

As the message of loving others in whatever state they are in goes deeper I realize more and more just how much I do not love, or how poorly I do love. Add to the affectionate, yet despicable term 'Scum' which I refer to myself at times the word Selfish and you may just begin to touch the surface.

You see, there is a person in my life that I utterly despise, (how's that for honesty??) But somehow, and I am clueless at this point to know how, God loves this person, same as He loves me . . . . willing to die on the Cross for this person, same as He did for me.

God/Jesus loves this person, God wants me to grow up and be like Jesus which means I am to love others as He loves. Busted!!! Because I don't.

Luke 6:32 says: "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them"

I am discovering the truth of this for my own life. It's easy to love those people who are kind, generous & giving, easy-going and who love me and treat me well. It's not easy to love those people whose behavior is so despicable and I just want to walk out of their lives and never see them again. But . . . .

What if God puts them in my life on purpose? I want to ask, "Seriously??? Are you kidding?" Is He mean, sadistic or playing with my life? Or . . . . could it be I will never learn to love unless He can show me how in the midst of such a trial? He created me so perhaps He can see the potential that's in me, add to that the Spirit of Grace (grace = the power of Christ to do God's will) and if I will stick with Him, stick out the situation I just may figure out how to love those who are not lovable, well from the world's perspective anyway.

And that's another thing . . . . I am not to conform to the world I live in but live life God's way. So the world would walk away from such people, they do all the time; bums on the street, bosses who don't deserve good employees, family who dis us, use us and walk away, friends and lovers who don't live as we expect or want them to . . . . we divorce, we cut and run or we give back the same as they have given to us.

Anyway, here I am in a position to learn how to love God's way. It's depressing, I cry and have in days past begged God to release me from this situation but not anymore. Now I beg God 'don't let me out of this until I learn to love the unlovely', otherwise I'm taking up air space!

So once again, here I am, hopefully learning more and more about loving God's way. I'm not sure where on the chart I am now. I'd love to know I'm a bit further along the road than the last blog on this subject I posted, but it sure doesn't feel like that at all!

I pray your journey is profitable to your character and you are somewhat comforted to know this Girl on a Journey shares the pain :)


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