"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Friday, January 21, 2011

O what a Tangled Web we Weave . . . .

When first we practice to deceive" Shakespeare. I wonder where he learned the truth of that!?!

I have recently found myself embroiled in a tangled web which has become a royal pain in the 'you-know-where'!!

I"m reading another blog called Truthworks: http://truthworks.org and found the following . . . . it's about Grace, which means the Power of Christ to do God's Will.

". . . . a proud man is determined to live in the power of his own self will, to decide his own way, on his own terms – even if he is attempting to serve and please God.

But a humble man places no confidence in the flesh; for he knows that Jesus is the true Vine and that we, apart from Him, can do nothing.

Anyone who seeks to justify themselves with God on any terms other than those provided by God exclusively in and through our Lord Jesus is a man, or woman, who by necessity is fallen from grace. That is to say, they are outside the provision of Christ’s power. For Jesus will not empower anybody to succeed apart from God’s will.

If you are determined to do your own thing, then the Lord will oblige you by stepping aside and leaving you to do it on your own. The expression, fallen from grace, does not mean “losing your salvation” (as some have erroneously concluded); rather, it means, quite frankly, “losing your sanity!”

This goes along with what I'm learning in the book 66 Love Letters and choosing to live out of a 'scum' or 'holiness' perspective . . . . but according to this, we have the Grace, the power of Christ to do God's will, we have the power of Christ to choose to live in holiness. This is not to say it will be easy to choose what is right in the face of a difficult challenge when all we want is relief from our present situation. But, take it from me, choosing relief over what is right leaves one feeling like SCUM! Again, take it from me, it's not worth it!

In referring to the above 'tangled web' I wanted relief and allowed myself to be persuaded it was 'ok'. The moment I entered into dialogue is the moment I 'fell from grace', which means God removed His 'grace' (the power of Christ to act in holiness) and He let me have that momentary relief. However this 'relief' has brought many hours of agonizing processing, losing my sanity as above, and I now want nothing more to do with the whole thing.

No worries, I have rectified the situation, but it has taught me a lesson I won't soon forget. When we find ourselves trying to justify our actions, or trying to navigate around the truth to make it work, we will find ourselves tangled in a royal mess. Although we may not get the immediate relief we are seeking from our current situation, we will feel the immediate emotional relief and peace of mind from choosing holiness over a scummy choice.

Here's to choosing the narrow path of holiness, here's to the power of Christ to do God's will (grace) and here's to the peace of mind and heart that comes from making that choice.

Blessings to each of you as you stare down the temptation to choose scum response and choose to live a life of holiness.

Girl on a Journey of peace and holiness. Not that I've attained it, but I'm ever hopeful.

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