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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Law vs. Grace

I was walking to work this morning. The sidewalks were mainly covered in snow with evidence the owners of the property had shoveled all but the latest snowfall. It's the law that you are responsible for removing the snow on the sidewalks in front of your home, from property edge to the other side.

As I walked along I noticed one part of the sidewalk had been completely cleared of any snow at all, the sidewalk was clean and as the law dictates, I could tell where his property began and ended.

My immediate thought was 'this is the difference between following the letter of the law and grace' because the homeowner did what the law required, but grace would have taken the time, if possible, to clear the sidewalk on either side of his property.

Here's to all those who offer grace and goes beyond the letter of the law.

Blessings from a Girl on a Journey!

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