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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Parting of the Ways

Ya, it's almost time. I can see the signs this relationship is coming to an end!

It's a death for me, but I cannot mourn because it was such a wonderful relationship of provision. But it's time to anticipate the joys of moving on, knowing this relationship has served me well and a new one is waiting to continue this journey I have taken for the past 12 years, with the last one.

For those of you who know me, I've been having a 12-year love affair with my Honda. I got the sad news last week that I will get the winter out of this wonderful car but then must bid adieu and continue my journey of life with another vehicle. She was the 4th Honda I've had, need I say more? There is a good reason why Honda owners are so loyal!

On my way home today I passed a Dodge Journey and it got me thinking ~ what kind of vehicle will I be driving to continue the next leg of life with me?

I always thought I would be a Honda owner the rest of my life and have wanted a Honda CRV for forever, but it's been brought to my attention there are many other makes and models that would serve my needs just as well and are as good as Hondas!

THAT was not easy to say :) It all started one day in 1998, I was driving the 401 with my daughter and told her it was time to buy a different car.

I told her I was hoping to find a Honda Accord sedan as I needed the 4 doors and the trunk. A/C would be nice, but not a necessity, love a 5 speed tranny and had to have Cruise Control.

Those were my hopes and as you can see, I got exactly what I was hoping for, including the A/C!! What I could not have foreseen was the 45 km/g, the very low cost of maintenance and how utterly faithful this car has been!

I know this car was provided for by God, so here I am once again, saying what I'm hoping for this time and as before, waiting to see just which vehicle I'll end up with. I figure, if He gave me such a great car the last time, He is just as able to provide another 'best-for-me' vehicle again.

I've been wanting an SUV-type vehicle for the past 5 or more years, dreaming of the day when I would actually get one. I like being higher up and know I now prefer the open space in the back over a truck I have to bend into, it's just easier as I grow older ( did I say that with my outside voice??? :0 ).

As for makes and models, I've been looking at the KIA as a serious contender and I am seriously impressed with what I see!

It's really quite exciting for me, after 12 years, I'm getting a new vehicle.

The one thing I'm hoping though, is this new one is not brought about in the same manner as the last one was!!

Blessings to you ~ Girl on another new Journey

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