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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First BIG Trip

Big as in overseas, long flight and living out of a suitcase!! Does any of that bother me? Not in the least, it's all an adventure to be experienced.

I'm hoping this is the first of many overseas trips, the catalyst that shoots me off to ports as yet unknown.

I'm travelling with my Mom and we're heading to Switzerland. We have our passports and tickets in hand and are now beginning to assemble all the things we need to take.

One thing I'm looking to purchase for this trip is a backpack, one that holds both laptop and camera et al. It's going to be quite an expense, but well worth it when you consider how much I can fit in there and it won't be a heavy weight on one shoulder. They are suited for such a trip as this and everything I have to take on-board will fit in this one bag. I've done a bit of searching and I'm impressed with the quality of the packs thus far but there is one more shop I want to check out, then I'm going to make my choice, never easy when spending this kind of money, and get it packed . . . . that is when I think I'll really become excited!

Another purchase I've made is an e-reader, a Kindle by Amazon. These are amazing little pieces of technology. Now, I may not understand how all this technology works, but I understand I love it and know how to use it!

It is so compact it will easily fit into my backpack and I can take along several books on this lightweight reader as opposed to trying to fit in enough books for the whole trip.

OK, you are wondering 'what the heck is she taking books on a trip to Switzerland for???' right? Well, this is not the kind of trip where I want to pack into every day as much sight-seeing as possible, tripping here and there all over the country. Although there are certain things I want to see, it's more a trip where I want to 'experience' life in Switzerland. I don't really care to visit the chocolate factory, but want to wander around the city centres, shooting the buildings and people as they walk to and fro.

But, back to the book thing, there are going to be times when my head is just too full of everything I've seen, heard and experienced and I know I'm going to want some down-time to just veg. That's when sitting on a mountainside with a cool drink or hot cup of tea, maybe even a glass of wine, and reading comes into play. There will be many times I will just shoot the scene and sit quietly, pondering the amazing fact I am actually sitting on the side of a Swiss mountain!

The Chalet above? That's the side of the mountain I'll be sitting on as we are planning to spend a few days there.

So those are my thoughts about the trip I'm taking. I have a few business details that need to be looked after before the trip, but as soon as they are dealt with, my only business will be getting ready to go.

Another journey, another adventure for this Journey Girl. I can't wait!!
Blessings . . . .

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  1. That sounds SO exciting!! Blessings on your trip!!