"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Loving God Unconditionally

We know we are to love one another unconditionally, after all this is how God loves us, right?

This to me, is a very multi-dimensional task, yes task because honestly it takes work, and for me it's the biggest challenge of my life ~ most days!

It means loving others when they are not behaving in a very lovable way.

It means loving others when they are spiteful and mean.

It means loving others when they ignore me.

It means loving others when I disaprove of their lifestyle and decisions.

It means accepting others just as they are; regardless of my opinion!

When they frustrate me, make me angry and just generally piss me off! Still I'm to love them, accept them and treat them as if they never did anything to make me want to NOT love them.

But, here is one thing I've never thought of, till this morning ~ do I love GOD unconditionally?

I love God, no question about that; it's the 'unconditional' bit that has caught me off guard!

Do I love Him when I know He could change my circumstances and doesn't?

Do I love Him when things don't go well for me or others I love?

Do I love Him when I'm in pain and don't understand why He doesn't answer prayer to take it away?

Do I love Him when I don't hear from Him right away?

What does it look like to me, to not love Him (or others) unconditionally?
I ask myself these questions:

Do I distance myself, cold-shoulder Him? Do I ignore our relationship and spend more time with others or by doing any other thing rather than talk it out with Him? Do I figure He's too high maintenance ( you define what this means to you :) ) and walk away altogether?

Isn't that what I'm tempted to do with people when I am angry with them or they have hurt me?
Just how unconditional is my love anyway??

If you've been following my posts, this would seem to be the million-dollar question that's been plaguing my thoughts these days . . . . *sigh*

The challenge in loving unconditionally just went from huge; in loving people, to monumental; in loving the God of the Universe ~ unconditionally.

Blessings to you on your Journey of loving others unconditionally . . . . Journey Girl


  1. Wow, that's the million dollar question.

    I know everybody struggles with the "unconditional" statement.

    It is easy to be mad and hateful at others but, I don't think we get to the degree of hatred with God. I mean who hasn't been mad at our spouse, friend, mother, father or other family members at one time or the other.

    I just know that God is that all consuming fire we all need and want. With me I have never gotten so mad that I just want nothing to do with him.

    Just my thought....

  2. Great Journey Girl!!!

    I have to say though I haven't outright said in my heart that I don't love God because of my fire, I have been reserved. I've been afraid to approach the thrown out of fear and questioning was He still there ready and waiting for me....after all the things in life were definitely not on my side and my prayers for months and a few years actually seemed to go unanswered. So thank you for this thought provoking post..and I've been encouraged the past few months a bit more since being alone. I'm getting closer and more confident about approaching the Father now. I'm not where I used to be but he's still accepting as I am.

    ohhh this got me all excited!!! ;-)