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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today I Dare

I picked up the following quote from another Blogger and it is very relevant to the journey I am on ~ by David Whyte, in The Heart Aroused, regarding The Via Negativa. (I think I need to read this book!)

"The Via negativa is the discipline of saying no when we have as yet no clarity about those things to which we can say yes. We take the via negativa when there is not yet any sign of the via positiva. But in the continuous utterance of the no, is a profound faith that the yes will appear -- not just because of the law of averages, but because we have said no to so much. In a way, if we treat our destiny as a potential marriage, it chooses us as much as we choose it, and like a seeker for our hand, deems us to be serious about it through our continued refusal of the wrong suitors. We create in effect a kind of energetic vacuum into which something we recognize can appear."

I have been dealing with something I began but has only been a source of great stress for me, something I should not have started in the first place. I've been wrestling with the thought of just giving it up, walking away and putting into the file of 'lessons learned'.

Truth be told, at the time I was considering taking on this particular project, I heard this very still, very small voice, very deep within that said, "just wait", but either I didn't hear it loudly or clearly enough to cause me to pay attention, thus I began.

Today I am daring to say "No" to this thing, quit, just let it go. Does it add to my life? No. Does it create peace and contentment? No. Does it protect or prolong my health? No. There is nothing in this that is a positive for me. It needs to go. Today I dare to fly in the face of others opinions, travel the path less traveled and dance to the beat of my own heart.

I know some will think quitting is a bad thing, that once you begin you finish. But I have long learned my motives for beginning some things are not healthy motivations and when realized it was a bad path to go down, it is healthier to admit the mistake and just turn around, let it go and get back on a path of rightness and health.

Thus, today I am acknowledging I made an unwise decision. I'm stopping the walk on this path, turning around and heading back to a path of more peace, less stress and more wholeness. In saying No to this particular activity, I'm daring to say Yes to things that nourish my soul and bring a greater sense of peace into my life. Even if nothing positive comes along, the stress is gone and that in itself is good. That alone is something to say Yes to.

What will you dare to say No to? What is it you will now have time and energy to say Yes to?

Blessings from a Girl on a Journey to wholeness and peace.

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