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Friday, July 23, 2010

I Shall Not Want

Do you ever think of how God provided food for the Israelites in the wilderness? They had brought as much food as they could when they left Egypt, and until it was gone, God didn't need to provide for them. But, just as soon as they ran out, God sent them manna from Heaven.

Well, there were times when my kids were younger, I wished manna would come down with the morning dew to provide for my family! Especially when I just spent hours in the grocery store trying, sometimes in vain, to pick out things I knew were good for my family, good to eat and things they liked. Next would come a half-hour in the check-out line waiting to pay for it all *sigh*

By the time the girls were in their early teens, I had developed the habit of blowing the horn as I pulled into the driveway. I was hoping the music inside the house was not too loud and they would hear and know I was home, and gratefully pour out of the house to help their weary mother, that would be me, unload the car with 'this weeks' offering.

Alas, it was usually necessary to either blow the horn with more enthusiasm, or load myself up with at least four or five bags and go to the door overburdened! This was supposed to produce enough guilt so they would unload the rest of the car. It rarely worked!

After putting the puppy in the cage, the girls would help me finish unloading the car. It usually fell to the youngest to empty the bags; on the floor, the cupboard, the table or whichever had the most available space. The rest of us would organize and put the food away.

It was a time-consuming and wearying experience and I must admit it got to me at the best of times. I remember thinking I would rather vacuum, dust and clean the bathroom twice, than do groceries just once. I also remember thinking if anyone had graciously offered to get the groceries for me, I would have humbly and gratefully accepted!

God knows I was truly grateful for the selection and amount of fresh food in the grocery store and as it took time and effort for the Isrealites to collect their manna every morning, I too had to go out and collect our food. I guess one difference for which I was and still am grateful for is I only had to go once a week . . . . and I had variety!!

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