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Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Old Realization Made New

I just finished setting up photo folders within a main folder in preparation for my trip to Switzerland in September. They are all empty now, but the joy of making them lies in anticipation of filling them!

Each folder will hold a days worth of photos. I've made one for Mom also and when we get back, I'll drop her photos onto a DVD and she can make hard copies or put them on the TV to watch. Perhaps my brother-in-law will add music in the background. Whatever, she will enjoy this for years.

While I was doing it, the thing I always knew about myself came up as a new thought, "I would rather make empty folders in preparation for a trip than do any other mundane, non-creative activity". What this means to me is, it is creating. Yes, in a very simple form, but there is this driving need inside me to create. I am happiest when I'm creating something; writing this blog, baking (not cooking), making photos, cropping and organizing and designing a home or decorating a room.

Each whole is a putting-together of small details and it creates in me a wonderful and deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

This leads me to the realization, the memory, of each time I've done the right brain / left brain testing, I consistently score in the middle ~ I use each half of my brain equally and equally well. I can see not only the big picture of the complete, but the detailed steps needed to create the whole. I am as creative as I am analytical.

While this may not seem so amazing to you, it is a welcome awareness of who I am.

My challenge lies in, how do I make this work for me in working for others and earning my living? Finding that would be an answer to a life-long question for me: what is the 'thing' I was created to do that will provide the answers to survival in this world?

As ever . . . . a Girl on a Journey

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