"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . ." Wm Shakespeare

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adventures & Challenges

Adventures and challenges, they cannot be beat!

Sometimes it's an adventure brought on by seeking one, other times the adventure comes by way of life changes.

Whichever way adventures, and the challenges which lie therein, come our way, it is made bearable by knowing we are living loved by the best Papa in the universe!!

Still and all, they are not easy to walk through unless we somehow have an attitude of sailing through life as through unchartered waters, well . . . unchartered by us, and an attitude of 'lets explore all life has to offer' and go after those challenges.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I have become just such an adventurous gal. It was not sought. Indeed, I have said countless times how I just want to settle down and live a normal life.

Well, in retrospect, what is normal??? What is normal for one may not be normal for another. The challenge for many is to not put the accepted social 'norm' or the norm with which we live our personal lives onto the life of another who may just dance to a different drum! The challenge for the adventurous soul is to not allow others define what is 'normal' for them.

For some an adventure may look like beginning a marriage, for others it may be taking courage in hand and leaving a marriage that has turned very sour. For others it may merely be coloring their hair for the first time, curling that which has always been straight or straightening hair that has always been curly. Whatever the change, it always take courage!

I've always been a fan of courage and it's a good thing because everytime an adventure, with it's companion of challenge, has come my way it has taken courage to follow it through. It has also taken courage to deal with the emotional aftermath which is invariably attached to those challenges.

So, now comes another adventure for me, however this is the largest adventure I've had to date.

I'm moving again. Oh, you may think, this is not so very different from other adventures as I've moved a great many times. Oh, I reply, this time I'm not moving across the province but moving right out of Ontario. I'm moving to a town in mid-to-north Saskatchewan, called North Battleford.

This challenge will be huge for me in that I need to divest myself of many of the things I've surrounded myself with over the last (almost) 14 years of single life. What do I keep, what 'things' are so important to me I will move them across Canada. Which things can be categorized as just 'stuff', easily replaceable and thus to be disposed of? That is huge for a gal who wanted security and roots.

So, here I go again, on the move. My niece told me she refers to me as her "Nomad" Aunt, that's how many times I've moved, and everyone knows to use pencil in their address books when it comes to my address(s). Perhaps it would be wiser to have a separate address book just for me as even I have lost track of the many times I've moved in the years I've lived on my own!!

I think, no matter what my life looks like to others, what counts to me is, am I dancing to the drumbeat that thrums within me. When I stand before God one day to account for the life I've lived, I want to tell Him I 'Siezed the Day', I walked fearlessly (as fearless as possible) through every open door in front of me, I ventured and gained much, I've seen life from as many perspectives as possible and hope have become the richer for it. Hopefully I've been able to enrich the lives of others along the way, even in it's smallest measure.

So here's to adventures, here's to challenges and here's to courage. Without them, I cannot imagine what my life would look like!

Here's to another journey this Journey Girl is taking, with God as He is able to see me through all this major change will represent.

My blessings to you on whatever adventurous journey you are on. Take courage, dance to the beat within you, sieze the day God gives to you and go with God.


  1. I have a book that is called "Normal is just a setting on a dryer"hehe:o) I am happy for you!:o)

  2. We are all on a Journey with a father who holds our hand & never lets it go even if we try to let go sometimes he is still always holding us, keep that faith , trust it . I do