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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Stupidity & Greed of Man

If you read the article regarding the latest find for fighting H1N1 you will see it says "A strain of natural human proteins have been found to help ward off swine flu and other viruses including West Nile and dengue"

It also says "researchers lead by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) found that these certain proteins have powerful antiviral effects by blocking the replication of viruses."


Would someone please tell me why we want them to mess about with that which we are already in possession of naturally? If we already have it, we don't need a synthetic version! What we need is to go back to eating what God gave us to eat and dump the junk food which so characterises what we call food today, but is nothing but packaged preservatives with colors and added nutrients so we have the illusion of healthy food.

God created us with everything we need to live, gave us a brain to use to look after our bodies for good health and longevity and man has continually set about to mess it up because of stupidity and greed.

Scientists will spend billions researching something which we already have.

If they would use this information and those billions to educate the world, we would reap those benefits. But no, they will spend billions to create a vaccine of synthetic proteins copying the very thing we ALREADY HAVE, so we can continue to choose our selfish, lazy eating lifestyles and take our 'vaccine fix' to 'fix' what we have broken by our unhealthy choices. Trust me, we will and are already reaping what we have chosen. This is the stupidity.

The greed comes into it because of the profits the big drug companies make when they push this 'new and improved' vaccine on unsuspecting, uneducated and brainless 'sheeple' as they did with the other 'necessary' vaccines. The greed comes in as government officials and the medical profession take their kickbacks from the big pharma companies. We are the ones to lose. The greed also comes into it because we are mostly a people who want what we want, when we want it and how we want it.

If you think about this too long, you will realize it's crazy-making to think this way.

By the way, has anyone heard about the H1N1 recall??? It seems there are way too many allergic reactions and they have pulled a large batch from being administered. Too bad for those who've already bought into the hype and got the shot, too bad for those who've had bad, life-threatening reactions or have died, who will now live with this poisonous affect the rest of their lives! This report also says it's not potent enough, so those who were given the shot from that batch may have to take another shot. Well do people now wait and give them the new and improved version with synthetic proteins which they already have? Or give them another dose of the ineffective one?

Can we really trust or believe what governments, the medical profession who speak the approved 'party line' or the drug companies who brainwash them when just months after telling us how safe this vaccine is, now has to recall huge batches (reports say from 150,000 to 800,000 batches) of the original H1N1 vaccine?
How effective can it be if they now have to recall it?
How effective and believable is it when they have now found this new protein, which we already are producing in our bodies?
How do we believe such duplicity?
How can we possibly believe 'this' will be safe?

They will say it's naturally producing so our bodies will accept it. Not so. Remember they used an adjuvant called Squalene, which is naturally produced in our brains, but our bodies reacted with neurological problems such Guillain-Barre Syndrome and what is known as the Gulf War Syndrome. There have been reported paralysis with H1N1 and bad allergic reactions. Can we really believe what they will say next time about this?

Please help me understand where it was humanity first started believing scientists and governments know more about being healthy than God does? Did they create life? No, but God did. Seems to me a reasonal conclusion that God is the one who would know how to keep His creation healthy. Too bad we believe the lies rather than the truth of Him who made us!

All I can think now is God forgive us for the messes we've made.

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