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Monday, December 21, 2009

Learning Addict > HELP!!!

I just graduated from the Personal Support Worker course in July, 2009. It was pretty intense and when it was finished I determined I was just going to work and enjoy life. No more school!!! I had had enough of school work taking over my life.

However, here I am, a mere five months after finishing and I'm planning to take an online course in January.

I think this means I'm addicted to learning. I can't seem to help myself. I seem to always need the challenge learning something new brings into my life.
The number of College courses I've taken in my adult years would be enough to add up to a whole University degree by now, but that would have been too normal for me!

Is this a character flaw? Or, is my life so boring and uninteresting this is how I jazz it up?

Given all this, I'm also pragmatic enough to know I may not always be physically able to work as a PSW since it's so very physically demanding. Also, given that I originally graduated as a Medical Secretray, I need to beef up my knowledge in this area. When I last worked in a medical office, we did OHIP billing by hand!!

So it seems right to me to upgrade and attain new certification while the long winter looms ahead. Plus, having only moved here, I've not yet had time to make a lot of friends and sometimes my free time hangs heavy on my hands.

Thus, rather than aimlessly playing around on Facebook or some other computer game, I will put my free time toward something which will enhance my education and work potential.

This means taking a few online courses, which if taken at face value, is playing around on the computer, just in a different kind of game!

Win/win as far as I'm concerned, yeah?

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