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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sometimes you just cry . . . .

Because of the direction given by a relative, one of our residents ended up with an open, bleeding wound from sitting up in their wheelchair all day long. You have to understand, some of these elderly ones have skin as thin as onion skin and when sitting so long in one position, the skin on their tailbones literally rubs off, leaving an open, very painful wound.

When I was cleaning them up for bed, their tailbone area was so sore they cried. What can I say? I gathered this one up in my arms, rocked them and cried with them as I tried to soothe and let them know I understood, felt sorry for having to hurt them and felt the injustice of what happened. The nurse came, dressed the wound and we made them as comfortable as possible, on their side!

God bless my co-worker, a wonderful and caring guy, who at first tried to laugh it off. Then when he realized I was not only feeling badly but was also very angry, he told me how he suffers each time his baby has a diaper rash. Same sort of deal, but this was the willfull decision of this residents relative who believes they know what is best. I would like to show them what their "best" resulted in!!!

I absolutely hate it when people take power-tripping advantages over ones who cannot speak up for themselves. It strikes at the very core of the justice I carry within and I'm afraid I don't handle it very well!

I'm discovering I have a deep well of compassion for the elderly, something I never knew was inside me. It's good. Well, except that just about every shift I could come home crying!!

Somewhere along the way, I need to toughen up emotionally without losing one tiny bit of this compassion. I need to learn how to handle the tragedy of some of these lives so I don't end up a basket case and so I can do what's best for them.

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