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Friday, December 4, 2009

Joys & Heartaches of the Christmas Season

It's supposed to be a season of good cheer, one of love and spending time with friends and family. What we sometimes forget are the many who will be alone with neither friends nor family.

There are so many reasons for one to be alone at Christmas. For me, it's as simple as having moved quite a distance from where my family is. The winter weather conditions make it wiser to stay here rather than chance the trip.

But the ones I'm thinking of right now are those I work for, the elderly residents who will face the day alone except for those of us who are blessed to be able to work Christmas Day.

They are sick, lonely and they often have no family nearby and their only friends will be those living in that home with them. Oh, there may be little groups who come in to walk the halls singing Christmas carols, but who takes the time to just sit with them and listen while they reminisce, lost in their memories? Or who sits with them while they cry out of loneliness, or mourn with them because another 'neighbour' died recently? I know everyone has their plans but the elderly are often overlooked as the day fills with the busyness of Christmas Day.

But, these are some of the ones who need us most.

So if you're one who will spend the day with family and friends, celebrating the joys of the season, I challenge you to remember the elderly whom you know and who knows intimately the heartache of a lonely Christmas Season. Maybe if your schedule has a little room, you might find a bit of time to visit the Nursing Home they live in and let them know how much they are loved.

Blessings in this Christmas Season


  1. That is a lovely start to your blog!:o) I look forward to stopping in often!:o)

    I actually feel a bit nervous in a nursing home. Wierd...I have never known anyone in one...I don't know why this is...but when I was at the girls home...I had to push past this nervousness on many occasions to go and sing.

  2. Thanks Tammy!! Understand the nerves as I also used to have them. Then as I got to see their individuality, their helplessness and vulnerability, it wasn't so hard.

    When you squat down in front of any one of them and look them in the eye, it makes such a difference, at least it did for me!